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Michelle Obama said in her book Becoming that "your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something you own." Gabrielle Union heard her story in the book, We will need more wine: stories that are fun, complicated and true. She did this in …

This We're Going to Need More Wine book is so good. The fact that her sister is her ride or dies is amazing. Let's hope Queenshaun does not read this book. Dear Gabrielle Union.

Wow, good wording, fun and honest. It really is a dear friend who cooks with another just as written. Thanks Gabrielle Union!

She was never a fan of prominent artists. "Cheating on your co-stars is pretty sticky," she says. But in his book, Union discusses how dreamy it was to work with actor Heath Ledger. She remembers parties Prince used to throw. And she calls her ex-husband, a retired NFL who is driving Chris Howard back, and says she regrets paying the rent after they divorced, put up a Porsche that he later gave up and invested in a company that he founded that failed.

“Had he paid, I might have been kinder. Or left something out of its truth or our truth, ”she sighs. "But unfortunately his bill is outstanding, and - sorry."

The Union's memoirs are amusing and frank in many ways. Especially herself: she describes how she loses her virginity, sexual encounters, cheating, infertility, miscarriages. In an essay, she describes that she was raped with a gun by a stranger in the back room of a shoe shop where she worked. She was 19.

Actress Gabrielle Union started playing teenagers on television in the 1990s. Now she plays a powerful cable reader on the BET series Being Mary Jane who is just as wild in her personal life. She is also an advocate for survivors of rape and an open voice on many topics. And she has just written her first book, an essay called We Going to Need More Wine.

Union says she always loved to entertain her friends about her adventures and misfortunes - hence the title of her book. "I will say 'girl, you do not have enough wine,'" she says. "Many of these stories will surely help with a cocktail."